How To Use Bitcoin

Where Bitcoin Can Be Used?

Written on 2019-09-04 in Articles

People often ask, where and how can I use a bitcoin? And of course, this is a normal and common question. And no, it is not a stupid thing to ask. Let’s review it quickly. First of all, Bitcoin can be used as a method to store your savings. Like gold. People typically invest in…

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Cryptocurrency Betting

What is Cryptocurrency Betting?

Written on 2019-02-06 in Articles

Cryptocurrency has been spoken about for the last few years now and while it has seen mixed results overall, one area where it has been performing relatively well has been in the gambling industry. Cryptocurrency betting is something you may not have heard of, but it is doing well and thanks to the global, digital…

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cryptocurrencies future

What Does The Future Hold For Cryptocurrencies?

Written on 2018-06-24 in Articles

Cryptocurrencies Future Cryptocurrencies are a brand new financial instrument, and that makes many people understandably nervous about them. It doesn’t help of course that the roller coaster is constantly in motion, making those looking in from the outside a little sick. Investing in something new is both scary and exciting, and there are some who…

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How to keep your cryptocurrency safe

How to keep your cryptocurrency safe?

Written on 2017-12-24 in Guides

Since the appearance of cryptocurrencies scammers were always around. You can see many stories and reports about hacks, big loses and even collapses of big cryptocurrency companies online. And you may ask how to keep your cryptocurrency safe? Below, we will introduce you with some techniques and give some tips on the best practice of…

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How to buy Bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoins?

Written on 2017-12-23 in Guides

Bitcoin still sounds unfamiliar for a lot of people. Many think that it’s a bubble or Ponzi-like scheme. However, Bitcoin became pretty popular lately. Its price is growing, acceptance is bigger than ever and still it’s the beginning. So maybe it’s the right time to make your first purchase and acquire some digital coins?

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