• Decent level of anonymity
  • Fast transactions (usually)
  • Tons of cryptocurrencies supported


  • Sometimes purchase (via bank card) can be confusing
  • Not enough details about users privacy
  • Bad cryptocurrencies rate

Founded in 2013, in Czech Republic, Changelly has become truly popular cryptocurrency exchange. Since then it served more than 100 000 users world wide. Changelly has an active partnerships with some big names in crypto markets – Jaxx, NEM, Coinpayments, etc. The exchange was mentioned in the top magazines related to digital assets and blockchain technologies.

Changelly allows the customers to make a purchase using any debit or credit card, even with 3DS security. The exchange accepts it without any limitations by the country. However, some restrictions can come from the issuing bank.

While platform is easy to use, site works slowly and has some bugs. Despite that, exchanges works almost instantly and takes only from a few seconds to minutes for the transaction to finish.

changelly review 2017


For payments with a credit card, 5-10 minutes (some delays may occur from . Cryptocurrency exchange speed depends on the selected crypto coin and confirmation process or/and the number of confirmations.


How much can user buy using a card depends on the country of residence. It varies from $50 to $500 per purchase. If everything goes well, limits goes away and user is free to buy any number of cryptocurrencies almost. It’s obvious that no limits apply to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Verification process and privacy

Purchases made with a cryptocurrency doesn’t go under any KYC/AML regulations so no verification is required. Users must provide a phone number when credit or debit card is used for a purchase. Furthermore, Indacoin (cards payment processor) has their own terms and rules, so some paperwork (ID, proof of address) may be asked at any time.

However, Changelly guarantees a nice level of privacy. Sure, at the some level that depends on a 3rd party.


Besides an SSL certificate, users should enable Two-Factor Authentication as well. Unfortunately, additional security depends on the user himself. So always remember to double check a receiving or a sending address.


Changelly, sadly, doesn’t have a top-notch support. Support ticket is an only option at the exchange. Also social media accounts where some of the help may be provided. They have some good accounts in very well known, high quality and rich content websites like Steemit, Reddit, Medium and GitHub. Or about crypto topic on Bitcointalk can be reached as well.


Changelly is a great cryptocurrency exchange for crypto – crypto trades. Most noteworthy, a wide selection of different crypto assets. While purchasing with a credit or a debit card isn’t so pleasant though. Still, low fees give an enough space for frequent trades and exchanges.

Unfortunately, platform doesn’t work smoothly. In addition, cryptocurrencies rates sometimes are way too high.