• Simple and fast purchase process
  • Low fees
  • Bitcoins can be sold here
  • Mobile applications


  • Most of the time user must complete the verification, even if he's paying in cash

BitQuick is located in USA and operates since 2013. In that time it served more than 72,000 clients and sold over 55,000 Bitcoins. Customers can pay in the bank, or using Western Union and MoneyGram. Remember that Wire transfers, ACH transfers, online banking transfers, check deposits, Wells Fargo Sure Pay, Bank of America transfers and any other unauthorized deposit methods will not be accepted.

Bitquick takes the Bitcoin rate from Bitstamp, that guarantees that cryptocurrency price cannot be manipulated by the selling party.

While BitQuick provides its services for the US residents mostly, residents of other countries may use it as well.  Just remember that most listings require cash deposits made to the US bank.

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Bitcoin transactions go pretty fast through BitQuick. Usually it takes from 1 to 3 hours. As only 1 confirmation is required by the exchange. However, proof of the payment should be uploaded within 3 hours to avoid additional fees.

Orders processed by a payment through money transfer services can take up to 24 hours though.


BitQuick applies no limits for buying or selling to its customers. Still, some buy limits emerge depending on the order type, seller, selected payment bank, etc. It varies so it’s hard to describe that exactly.

Verification process and privacy

First of all, verification needs a completion most of the time. Otherwise, failure to present identification upon request, probably, will result in Bitcoin funds not being released.

Users don’t need to fully register for a quick purchase.


Firstly, users should understand how BitQuick works in order to reach the best level of security here. As far as BitQuick is the middle man between the seller and the buyer, most of responsibility gets directly to each side. So it’s very important to use secure wallets for storing Bitcoin.


BitQuick provides a help for its customers using a contact form only. However, support team gives an answer pretty quick, since most of transactions have turnaround time no longer than 24 hours. Some delays may occur of course.



BitQuick is a great alternative for Localbitcoins when we talk about purchasing with cash. Decent timing is provided here. In addition, customers don’t have to meet someone. Cash deposit to a given bank account is enough. Seeing that turnaround time of the orders doesn’t overstep 24 hours, we gave a reasonable rating to BitQuick.

Unfortunately, Bitcoins is the only cryptocurrency available to buy or sell. Furthermore, if the user fails to provide paperwork by a given timeframe, the order can be canceled. And there’s no detailed description about when the exchange considers an order beeing suspicious.