• Marginal trading
  • Good liquidity
  • Trading Analysis Tools


  • No deposits with fiat currencies
  • It's pretty hard for beginners

Since its establishment in 2014, BitMEX became one of the most beloved trading platforms online. While providing amazing stability and a lot of trading analysis tools, this platform doesn’t have any fiat currencies for deposits available. The only option is Bitcoin only. Worth mentioning that Bitcoin here is named XBT, not BTC as usual.

BitMEX trading platform has provided a really nice looking interface with some additional customizations like colors, layout, animations. As we mentioned before, users can find some great trading analysis tools starting with Stop Limit, ending with a leveraged trading and risk limits. In addition, users have an opportunity to customize their graph by selecting a time frame, indicators, bar’s style, etc. There is the instant screenshot button as well. Most noteworthy, users can move Orderbook, Chart, Recent Trades and other boxes all around the screen and make his own setup.

However, BitMEX platform may look too hard for newcomers. It even might confuse more advanced users, so take your time to find out how everything works, before start trading.

BitMEX Review


Deposit and withdrawal transactions work in a usual timely manner. Users never reported huge delays of that. Also, buy or sell orders get completed in seconds. Well depending on demand and supply of course. Furthermore, site works flawlessly, without any noticeable lag. Even the animations look good and don’t slow down the web.


BitMEX doesn’t apply any limits, so users can trade cryptos freely.

Verification process and privacy

For an initial using, a customer must provide an email address only. However, sometimes BitMEX may ask to provide more personal details, but it’s an exception more than an ordinary request.

Despite that, the trading platform gives a really solid level of privacy. And users can simply start using BitMEX from the very beginning.


BitMEX trading platform did a great job implementing security and its features. SSL certificate is here of course. Furthermore, users can turn on Two-Factor Authentication, Strict IP Spinning and set safe session duration. Also, for communication users can use PGP Key for encrypting emails.


Users can use a detailed FAQ to find a potential answer to a question. Besides that, email support which works 24/7 is available as well. In addition, BitMEX gives some useful guides which clearly are worth reading.


BitMEX is a really great trading platform. Since its start in 2014, it gained a good and solid reputation. Furthermore, they accept customers from all the countries probably. Most noteworthy, they have tons of trading analysis tools and marginal trading. It provides decent privacy as well.

However, a number of supported coins digital could be improved within time if they want to compete with giants like Bitfinex or Kraken. Also, the user interface needs improvement when we talk about simplicity and easiness.