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Bitcoin Exchanges

Every new cryptocurrency user wonders where to buy Bitcoin or other digital coins without stress and confusion. However, this requires a lot of research and testing. Every exchange has different fees, limits, processes, etc. Also, every cryptocurrency exchange supports different regions and countries. provides a detailed list with top rated exchanges with in-depth details. Also, we provide information how to buy bitcoin with credit card, and where to buy bitcoin instantly.

Furthermore, we provide the users with all updates the exchange makes. So the reviews constantly change. Every exchange develops, adds more supported cryptocurrencies, payment methods, and expands the list of supported countries.

Use the filter to find an exchange by the country and preferred payment methods. You can select other digital coins than Bitcoin as well. Every exchange has a rating which is determined by various parameters such as speed, limits, security, etc. Besides that, in the review page, on the right side, you can find summarised information like fees, payment methods and supported or restricted countries.

localbitcoins review

Localbitcoins Review BTC/

Localbitcoins is a P2P exchange platform with Escrow option. It has a longest list of supported countries probably. It presents an ability to make exchange using any payment method almost.
GB is supported!


Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin can be used not only to buy or sale purposes. It can be traded to other cryptocurrencies or even to stocks, indices or bonds. Some users deal with day trading bitcoin, but it's a risky way and only recommended for a highly experienced user. However, some users make a decent profit out of this activity. With our filter, users can select a country, payment method and find the best Bitcoin trading platform. Furthermore, check fees and limits of each services provider.

Also, check the professional cryptocurrency trading platforms list. It will help you to find places where you can trade using a margin, read professional charts with many instruments (Bollinger Bands, RSI, and other), trade many various cryptocurrency pairs. And of course, it includes Bitcoin trading.

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