• High level of privacy
  • Tools rich platform
  • Great UI
  • Low fees
  • Practice account


  • A couple cryptocurrencies available only

WhaleClub¬†website is down and shows 404 error. It means it’s not working anymore!

We set the rating to zero because it’s not clear if the site is ever going back online or it’s down forever.

We leave the review for archival purposes. However, do not try to use Whaleclub in any way. Do not get fooled by scammers which could possibly try to impersonate a staff member or the person from the website.



Whaleclub is a unique trading platform which has some other than cryptocurrency trading pairs like stocks, forex, indices, etc. While being one of the biggest trading platforms of its kind, Whaleclub offers to trade pairs like ETH/BTC, LTC/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, also commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, silver or gold. In addition, bonds are known as US 10Y T-Note, US T-Bond, or indices – NASDAQ, Nikkei 225 and much more. Stocks of the giant companies like Goldman Sachs, Apple, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Tesla, etc. There are more of them in each category, however, we didn’t list all.

Whaleclub has tons of trading tools and special features. One of them is leverage trading for up to 200 times (200:1). Also, the platform implemented markers and filters, featured graphs, even a live chat for discussing with other traders. Stop/loos, notes, sound alerts, reports exporting and much more has been implemented as well. Charts are provided by TradingView.

Also, Whaleclub provides a mobile version so traders can process the orders wherever they go in a matter of seconds. Still, it’s not a mobile application, which would be a much better option.


whaleclub review


Withdrawals take about a whole day because of manual processing. But Whaleclub processes them on weekends and holidays though. Deposit time depends on the cryptocurrency itself – how long does it take to confirm.

Furthermore, the platform works fast, every order is executed in seconds.


Whaleclub has any limits on deposits and withdrawals. However, some of them appear depending on the market and a trading pair.

Whaleclub hasn’t any limitations for the country, except when a trading platform like this has some restrictions by the country.

Verification process and privacy

Since deposits can be made a cryptocurrency only, they don’t ask for any verification or paperwork. As long as Whaleclub stays in Hong Kong, users could consider their privacy as a high. However, there is always a risk that further verification procedures may be required.


Firstly, Whaleclub works under an SSL certificate. In addition, the user can turn on a Two-Factor Authentication. And finally, the trading platform stores all the assets in cold storage. Sadly, Whaleclub doesn’t have any security notifications to turn on.


For help, Whaleclub offers three different options. First one is the help page and an FAQ. In addition, a user can open a ticket to get additional answers.


Whaleclub is slightly different than any other trading provider. With various trading pairs and leverage trading, the platform is attractive for professional traders who specialize in stocks, forex, and other markets as well.

However, Dash and Bitcoin work for a deposit or withdrawal despite that other cryptocurrencies are included in trading pairs. And a level of security needs improvement as there are big traders who use this platform. SMS verification or notifications would be a nice touch.